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Wags N Coffee

Shiba Inu Glass 6.8oz

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This inner cavity of this cute little glass resembles the agile, fox-looking, centuries-old Shiba Inu breed.  The fact that the glass is double-walled with the inner glass portraying an upside-down Shiba Inu not only creates an optical illusion, it also helps keep your drink at the right temperature for longer in comparison to your regular glasses.



Double-walled glass -> better temperature control: Keep your drink at the desired temperature for longer: the theory behind double-walled glasses is that they stick a glass into a bigger glass and then suck out the air between the two glasses to create a vacuum between the two layers.  Since there will be no air in between, it would be harder for heat to transfer into or disperse from the glass which means cold drinks can stay cool for longer and hot drinks won’t drop to the room temperature as quickly as drinks that are in regular glasses.

Made of high quality, lead-free, heat and condensation-resistant borosilicate glass

Capacity 6.8oz / 200ml

Handwash only