How To Order Our Bespoke Collections

Step 1. Select the size and other options as required.


Step 2. Review information in the ‘what we need from you’ tab below the add to cart button and fill in the information in the space provided.  


What we need from you

Fill in the section


Step 3. Select your photo(s).  The more photos you submit, the higher likeness your artwork will bear.


You won’t be able to add to cart unless all the mandatory fields are filled and at least one photo is submitted.


Step 4. Add to Cart & Complete Purchase

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Step 5. After purchase:

You can choose to approve or submit feedback for a revision after receiving a soft copy of the artwork.  We will not proceed with the production of the item unless we have your approval.


Exclusive Artistic Collection: You will receive a sketch before the coloring process.  Please feel free to provide as with your feedback and you can require up to 5 revisions following the delivery of the initial colored copy.


Disney Collection: Once a digital copy is delivered, you can require as many revisions as you like.  Please bear in mind that with each additional revision, more time will be added to the creative process which means it will take longer for us to produce your bespoke item.




We will begin to process your order and start working on your artwork upon receipt of your payment and an email will be sent to you to confirm the order.

If you have questions regarding the order status, please feel free to contact us via email at with your order reference number