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Wags N Coffee

Puppy Ceramic Mug with Multi-purpose Lid 12.5oz + 5.4oz

Regular price $37.95 USD
Regular price $42.95 USD Sale price $37.95 USD

These adorable, cute, little puppy mugs are designed to provide optimal functionality without sacrificing the look of the products.  It means that you can use not only the mug but also the lid as an extra cup and it comes with a handle.  You also don’t need to worry about finding a place for your used teaspoon because there are two holes on the handle to accommodate a spoon.  Different designs are available, including French bulldog, Shiba inu, short-legged corgi and Husky.



Great value for money: pay for one mug and you will get a 12.5oz (370ml) mug and its 5.4 oz lid (160ml) which can serve as a small extra.  It also comes with a small handle of ease of use

Whole set measures 5.12” x 3.9”/ 13cm x 10cm

Made of high-quality ceramic