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Pet Car Seat Cover

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Are you sick and tired of constantly cleaning your backseat after bringing your four-legged friends out?  As pet owners, we always view them as part of our family which is why most of us would bring them out with us on trips and adventures along with other family members and friends.  With our waterproof protector car seat cover, you don’t need to compromise the cleanliness of your car when they are on board with you to all those amazing places.  The visual window between the front seat also allows you to keep an eye on your pups while you are on the road.



Health and safety: We only work with manufacturers who produce safe products for pets.  This car seat cover is made of eco-friendly material which is strong, sturdy and at the same time would not posit any harm to your pet even if it’s ingested by accident.

All-around protection: Not only does it provide full coverage for your back seat and the back of your front seats.  The car seat protector also comes with two side flaps that prevent your back doors from getting scratched or soiled

Durable and Waterproof: The car seat protector is made of durable waterproof material that could keep your car away from dust and dew

Machine-Washable: What’s more, you can simply chuck it in your washing machine if it’s dirty


Product Specifications


Two sizes:

Standard – suitable for most cars and SUV with headrests

56.25” Wide x 59.84” long


Extra Large: fit for most SUV and trucks

60.25” Wide X 63.78” Long