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Wags N Coffee

Mouth-Wide-Open Hippopotamus Storage

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We understand that hippo is not always on the list of the things we are focusing on here in our store and we were split as to whether to include this hippo storage in our collection but first of all, who doesn't like a cute hippo? Secondly, we will let your action do the talk for us so that we evaluate whether we should include stuff like this in our store in the future.


To help our customers dabble in this adventurous journey with us, we now offer a 22% discount on selected styles. Hurry while stocks last!



Made of high-quality resin that gives the sculpture a considerably good weight

Measures 11.2"/ 28.5cm in length, 6.3"/ 16cm in width and 8.6"/ 22cm in height

Like other decorative pieces in our shop, this product is hand-painted and manually finished which means there is a possibility that the item you receive might demonstrate some sort of variations in details or coloring. It's completely normal and please do not regard them as product flaws.