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Wags N Coffee

Laser-cut Repurposed Vinyl Record Clock (Teatime)

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Eco-friendly Laser-cut Vinyl Record Clock

Take a look at this fun, environmentally conscious repurposed vinyl record clock we have in store.  It features one of the two main themes of our shop – coffee and puppies.  With surveys suggesting that there are 270 million tons of solid waste created each year in America and all the global environmental movements that are ongoing at the moment.  We thought that reusing recyclable materials is a good way to advocate a more sustainable lifestyle for ourselves and for the generations below us.  What’s more important is that we get incorporate part of our older generation’s culture into our home life and value the history behind us whilst embellishing our home.  It also shows us that repurposed products don’t all need to be in a simplistic, minimalist style, we can have something that looks more elaborate and a bit edgy but at the same still will help save our environment and our planet for generations to come.


Here are the main perks of this vinyl record clock:

Eco-conscious: By upcycling old vinyls, we are reducing the waste that will potentially go into landfills.

Retro Feature: People who like antique will definitely be a fan of this clock because of the memories encapsulated in the form of vinyl records

Low-noise mechanism: We value a good night’s sleep as much as you do which is why this clock features a silent flowing ticking mechanism that will reduce the noise of the clock to the minimum.

Laser-cut Technology: The laser technology used in carving out the design and details will give a great deal of accuracy and your clock a clean and crisp look.

Optional LED function (additional cost applied): Whether you want to be able to check the time when the lights are off or simply want to have a funkier effect installed for your clock, we have you covered, simply order a clock with the LED function. The LED model comes with a plug.

Dimension: around 12”



While we always try to deliver the best product to our customers, please be aware that small scuffs and scratches are normal for a product is made of pre-loved vinyl records

Unfortunately, at this stage, we are not able to rule out Styrofoam from our packaging materials due to concerns regarding breakage prevention.  We deeply understand the bads it will do to the environment but in order to make sure the product arrives safe and sound, there are currently no other options for us to replace Styrofoam to protect the product throughout the transit process.  However, the cardboard box is made of recycled paper.