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Custom Artistic Half-body Pet Tough Phone Case

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Embellish your mobile phone with our premium tough phone case decorated with an exclusive artistic illustration of your pet.  It provides extra lining of protection which gives your phone enhanced shock absorption and it supports wireless charging as well.  This collection also features an exclusive and original design that is entirely designed and hand-drawn by the artist from scratch.  You will be able to participate every step of the way from submitting your preferred color scheme/ palette to receiving the initial sketch from the artist, we know that everyone’s artistic vision varies which is why in this project, we are trying our best to develop something that would cater to individual preferences and artistic visions.


All products would be drawn in a half-body style, if you prefer a full-body portrayal of yourself and your pet, you could order the full-body illustration package.  One of the good things about the full-body style drawing is that your portrait would include a more detailed depiction of the background (please refer to the sister gang sample).


Besides the one character included in the package, we also offer one simple object illustration (such as toys, accessories) of your choice free of charge.  You could add as many unanimated items as you like, each one costs only $8!  For extra animated characters, each figure will cost $15


  • Made of extremely strong and durable Lexan plastic that is used in aircraft construction
  • Glossy Finish
  • UV protection
  • Rubber inside plate and add-on bezel liner for maximal impact resistance
  • Lay-flat bezel to prevent small scratches
  • Supports Wireless charging